The UP College of Law Library serves as the hub of the ‘electronic law school’ project of the College. It provides access to an array of electronic data bases to a varied clientele. Housed in a fourstorey air-conditioned building, known as Espiritu Hall, the Library is located between Malcolm Hall, and the UP Law Center in Bocobo Hall. The UP Law Library is the largest in the country having an extensive collection of books, journals, and Philippine legal materials. It serves not only the students and staff of the College and University but, given the public character of the UP College of Law, also the Congress and other government agencies. Additionally, over the years it has developed a clientele within the legal practice industry.

The collection of the Library includes the Philippine Reports, Supreme Court Reports Annotated, Philippine Digest, complete sets of the U.S. National Reporter System, U.S. Supreme Court Reporter, American Law Reports, and several sets of different state reports, statutes, legal encyclopedia, loose leaf services, casebooks, texts, and treatises. There is an extensive collection of materials on international law and a complete set of the United Nations Treaty Series and League of Nations Treaty Series, and sets of Anglo-American legal periodical representative of a first-class law school library. Its electronic databases include LexisNexis, Westlaw International, and HeinOnline; and indexes such as WebOPAC and Philippine eLib. The Library also has a notable collection of Spanish law books, a United Nations Document Section, Constitutional Convention Archive, Human Rights Documentation Section, records of the Philippine Martial Law period, and ASEAN Law and Indigenous Law collections.

The Library also has an extensive collection of electronic databases containing laws, local and foreign jurisprudence, administrative issuances, international documents, and indexes to foreign periodicals. For search purposes, the Library has its local online public access catalogue system.

Visit the UP Law Library website for online resources.

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